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Welcome to TGP, True Green Planet! we fill our world with green technology...

True Green Planet sets to take charge in providing ground-breaking answers to meet the global environmental changes that ensues our planet.

Out of relevant research and advancement, True Green Planet System was formed to develop an industrialized response to deal with the two most important ecological concerns in waste management and power generation.

The True Green Planet is licensed to market environmentally friendly building panels under the trade name “TGP™” to be used in the construction and production of modular houses from the Bi products recycled by Spectrum Blue Steel Bio Green plants which addresses the demand to convert landfill waste. As well as selling other bi-products obtained from its Bio Green machines, it yields back indispensable supplies.

Useful Pozzolanic Ash
High-Alloy Steel Wire
Vital Carbon Black
Efficient Electricity
Distilled Potable Water

Dedication to Green Living

TGP strives to become a trusted central hub to share our growing and evolving body of research about environmental topics and issues with people who want to inform themselves and live in a more sustainable way.

TGP also believes that the threats to our environment are real and that they require action.
However, it also strives to foster a community where respectful debate and informed
viewpoints can be heard.

We aim to promote a better understanding of the role gasification technology can
play in providing the power, chemical and refining industries with economically
competitive and environmentally conscious technology options to produce
electricity, fuels and chemicals.

Involved in all aspects of developing, deploying, and using commercial gasification
technologies to produce, process, and use clean synthesis gas for the production
of chemicals, fuels, substitute natural gas, and power.


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